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Our Story

Arbour Ridge Farm is a newly constructed facility; we welcomed our first boarders in 2018. Although we are a new facility we have a combined 60 years of experience and training  in livestock care and agronomy. We share a lifelong passion for horses and strive to offer the level of care and service that we would want for our own horses.

At Arbour Ridge, your equine partner will thrive in our low stress environment. We provide plenty of turnout in carefully selected social groups, free choice quality forage (unless restriction is necessary), plenty of room to roam over hilly fields and an experienced and caring crew to handle and observe your horse. We take a holistic approach to farm management from horse care, to growing our own forage, to taking care of the land that you will be enjoying  during your time with us. 

Arbour Ridge prioritizes providing a safe and supportive atmosphere where clients feel welcomed and free to achieve their individual riding goals regardless of discipline or experience level. We are pleased to be a part of the local equestrian community and look forward to strengthening and promoting the benefits of working with our equine partners.